January Outfits

I’m becoming more and more aware that this is looking like some sort of clothes blog, which I really don’t mean it to be. I just see these as a good way to keep posting, if only I remember to do them early in the month!

In all fairness to me, this has been a busy month (and a half) since I got back to Brighton. I’ve had two major assessments due in, with another one coming up on Friday, and my placement is starting on February 27th. To say I’m stressed would be an understatement! Nevertheless, I’m powering through. I was also lucky enough to get to see my lovely, wonderful pal in Reading during my two week ‘break’ (my only motivation to get things done early, apparently), go to London and see a ballet with my mum, and I’ve been gradually dedicating a lot more time to my hula hooping.

Anyway, all that aside, here are the outfits! (In a layout I prefer to the slide show, I think)

I’d like to say that I can dedicate more time to this blog, but I really don’t think that would be truthful. It’s only going to get more full-on from here. I’m sure I can manage it, but still…

February’s outfits have been nice so far, by the way! Then, they too, will start to get a bit more boring as ‘professional dress’ takes over my life for the next three months…

Until next time, when I hope to talk about my hoop journey!


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Zara Robinson

Twenty-year-old trainee teacher, hippie and weird jewellery collector living in Brighton.

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