About Me

My name is Zara, I’m twenty, from Wiltshire, and currently living in Brighton, my favourite city in the UK!

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I’m in my first year of university, studying Primary Education, having dropped out of the University of Reading in my first term a year previously. Politics really wasn’t my subject, among other things, and needless to say, I’m much, much happier where I am. The lack of exams absolutely wasn’t a fairly decisive factor, and I’m absolutely not the worst person ever when it comes to revising…

I’m currently living with my boyfriend of 2+ years, and, despite what everyone might say, it’s proven to be a much better arrangement than halls. I have a nice flat in the centre of Brighton, and it suits me perfectly.

When I’m not bogged down with uni work, I enjoy hula hooping, drawing, writing and reading, as well as visiting small, independent cafes, one-off clothes shops, and experimenting with makeup. I’m “very Brighton”, apparently. I’m also a vegetarian, a feminist, and a member of the CND.

I enjoy classic rock music, but I’ve been expanding my horizons (thank Christ), so my taste is a bit more broad, at the moment. I love open mic nights at pubs, and going to festivals, free or otherwise.