June Outfits

Another month, another outfit post! Only, this time, I’m going to try and note down where I actually bought everything – when I can remember it…

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Can we all be impressed that I managed that hoop shoulder stand? I’ve been trying to get it for ages! It’s not perfect, and I can’t transition from it, yet, but I’m getting there!

Oh yeah, in other news, I broke my toe a week ago on Monday. Dropped a 2 litre bottle of cider directly on it. I’ve never known pain like it, and have to walk with a stick every now and then. Luckily, I’ve had a LOT of painkillers, so it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it used to.

My next post is most likely going to be about the last festival I went to – 2000 Trees – although I’ve yet to decide whether to focus on the festival as a whole, or why it was so important for me this year… all I will say, is that I had the best of times there.

Here’s a photo to tide you over…

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 23.07.14

Have a lovely week/month/time period!

Blog Hiatus Outfits (April/May)

Hello! Me again!

I’ve noticed that the posts which get most attention are my outfit ones – which I think is wonderful, because, if you didn’t already know, my clothes are hugely important to me in terms of who I am. While I didn’t get to wear many fun things over the past five weeks, when I did go out and do things, I made it count! So, here’s a collection of everything exciting I wore during the placement weeks.

Only ten, just goes to show how rarely I got to do things… the last couple aren’t even from placement weeks, they’re from the weekend!

I’m off out tonight, thankfully – my favourite Brighton night out is on a Tuesday, and I’ve had to miss it due to my 6am wake up for an 8am start… it’s good to be back, Brighton. Weird, though, that it’s midday Tuesday and I have time to sit home and write a blog post again. I cleaned the entire kitchen and bathroom yesterday, and made cakes. Will tackle the bedroom tomorrow, hopefully. It sounds boring, but it’s so nice having time to do things like that again, without worrying if I should be doing something, or thinking that I’m wasting my evenings. I’ve got so much planned, this summer – from the little things, like keeping up my skincare routine (I’ve been a bit lazy and it shows, my skin is even more vile than usual), to the bigger, such as my holidays. I’ve not felt this lovely in a while.

I’m also hoping to start reading, and maybe even writing again? We’ll see, though – I’m lacking inspiration to actually do anything, at the moment…

I’m off to grab a cider, I think, and I’m off to a flow arts jam later. Have a good one!

March Outfits

Sorry this one’s late again… I really need to start getting these ready for the end of the month…

I cheated slightly with this one – the last 6 are from earlier this month, the reason being that in a couple of weeks I’ll be on full placement for my course. This means that I’ll be leaving the house at 7:30am at the latest, and I can’t see myself being photographed… it’s not happened so far, anyway.

And, who wants to see the same variations on my ‘teacher’ outfits day in, day out?

It’s started to get a lot warmer recently, so most of the time, certainly in late March onwards, was spent outside. Other than that, I’ve not really been doing that much? I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London in the beginning of March – despite being ridiculous in places, I really enjoyed it. Aaaaaand… I went to Bristol last week for my friend’s 21st. That was good. Other than that, just the normal stuff.


Full placement should be good, but I’m not exactly looking forward to having 5 days of my week consumed by it… I never actually planned on going into teaching full-time when I graduate, anyway. We shall see.

There won’t be an outfits blog for April (officially) or May, because of that. I need something to write about in the meantime. I was originally planning to write about my time in Bristol, but I didn’t really do much except see various people, which probably isn’t that fun to read about… I can’t really say much about seeing Temples, either – I saw Temples, by the way! They were fab!

Hmm… I’ll have a think.

Until then, have a wonderful week (or however long it is until I next post something)!

February Looks

Another set of outfits from last month – I meant to post these earlier, but I’ve spent most of my time either doing something uni-related, or sleeping. I’m three weeks into my school-based training, first observation over, and honestly I’m so tired all the time.

But, still, I looked fairly decent in February – seems like ages ago that I had so much free time!

The last one is from a Harry Potter-themed bar crawl, where I dressed as Professor Trelawney. Overall, it was good – even though they had us join the wrong group (which meant the night finished a bit too early…).

Ooh – I started curling my hair a bit more, using a completely natural, heat-free method my grandmother used to curl my mum’s hair in the 70s! I originally planned on keeping it up, but with placement, it really wasn’t possible. That, or I’m just a bit lazy.

While I’m a bit stumped as to what to write next, I do want to write something, when I have time at the weekends. More like, while I have time at the weekend, before I go on full placement and will probably end up having to plan things when I’m not working…

January Outfits

I’m becoming more and more aware that this is looking like some sort of clothes blog, which I really don’t mean it to be. I just see these as a good way to keep posting, if only I remember to do them early in the month!

In all fairness to me, this has been a busy month (and a half) since I got back to Brighton. I’ve had two major assessments due in, with another one coming up on Friday, and my placement is starting on February 27th. To say I’m stressed would be an understatement! Nevertheless, I’m powering through. I was also lucky enough to get to see my lovely, wonderful pal in Reading during my two week ‘break’ (my only motivation to get things done early, apparently), go to London and see a ballet with my mum, and I’ve been gradually dedicating a lot more time to my hula hooping.

Anyway, all that aside, here are the outfits! (In a layout I prefer to the slide show, I think)

I’d like to say that I can dedicate more time to this blog, but I really don’t think that would be truthful. It’s only going to get more full-on from here. I’m sure I can manage it, but still…

February’s outfits have been nice so far, by the way! Then, they too, will start to get a bit more boring as ‘professional dress’ takes over my life for the next three months…

Until next time, when I hope to talk about my hoop journey!

My Favourite Looks of 2016

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Not really a proper blog post, but it’s good to keep track, seeing as my outfits are my hobby, pride, and all round so important to me. So, here are most of my favourites, spanning from March 1st (because, apparently, I forgot to take any proper ones before then) to December 27th.

2016 has been a huge year to me, and these photos encompass everything from my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, through our incredible trip to Bristol, our summer of festivals, and, finally, the time spent at our new home in Brighton – with a few Christmassy bits at the end.

I hope 2017 brings everyone good mental health, amazing outfits, and good things all around ❤

Recent Outfits #1

Something I’ve always really enjoyed was putting together (and photographing) outfits, so here are a few of my recent favourites…

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Of course, having made this, I realise how many I never got photographs of. Brilliant.

Thank you so much to the positive response to my poem!

I haven’t been writing much because I haven’t been doing that much, uni has had a few things going on that have needed doing, so I’ve been somewhat distracted by that. Luckily, I don’t have any more assignments due until after Christmas, when I think I’m going to be going back to my parents’ house for a couple of weeks. Not too sure.

Have a good one!